Thursday, January 22, 2009

Modern Day Mother Theresa

Last Thursday, Jordan and I, ventured to Charlotte, NC to visit with Mrs. Dixie Forbes, aka Miss Dixie. In 2008, Miss Dixie came out to Scotland on a mission trip and since then we have been connected. I was amazed at the stories she told me as I got to know her. Miss Dixie is a pastor of homeless church in Gastonia, NC. The stories of charity, grace, and pure love was astonishing.

Every Sunday Miss Dixie and her husband Jasper, pick up the homeless, cook for them, and provide a church service for them. They care for them and love them as they would do for anyone else. Miss Dixie's love for the poor is remarkable. In fact, love oozes from her. When ever I'm around her, I can't help but want to hug her and love everyone around me. What she has, is infectious and it is a marvelous thing.

Miss Dixie and her husband is truly a Modern Day Mother Theresa. I love them dearly and inspire me daily.

Albemarle, North Carolina

Lack of sleep, snow in Raleigh, NC, canceled flight, airport massage, rebooked flight, and rebooked-rebooked flight all make for an adventrous trip to Albemarle, NC. For those you that don't know where that is... well I really don't know either but I'm here.

Last year, my friend Jordan - the youth pastor of Harvest Church, began asking me to come and speak to her youth group. Initially, I refused but after a few months of her asking I said yes. I booked the flight and began preparing for my time out here.

I've been here just three days but it has been a great time. Last night, I spoke briefly with her youth about character and integrity and then tranisition into some time of prayer and encouragement. Over the next hour, I was able to edify each of the 11 youth that showed and minister to them. It was truly a divine moment that only God could have orchastrated.

Its going to be interesting on what God is going to orchastrate this next few days...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What is your legacy?

What legacy are you leaving behind?

As 2009 closes in, introspection is reigning in many people thoughts. For me this year has been a year of shaking, a control shaking by God nevertheless. The shaking in my life began in the Fall of 2008 and continues until today. Most of 2008 I lived in uncertainty, but through this whole time it has been a time of learning.

My lessons learned for 2008 and still learning

  • Trust more in God and rely on Him fully

  • Completely immense myself in my Relationship with God

  • Humility in every aspect of my life

One thing that kept me going throughout the year were my friends from Texas State. My old university. Every chance I would get I would visit with them because it reminded me of the sacrifices I made throughout those years and the legacy that was left behind. University was four years of uncertainty of not knowing if the work that I did with Every Nation Campus Ministry would take root and have a lasting effect. Now I go back and I see a thriving campus ministry that is student driven under the leadership of a great campus minister, Peter Dusan. Those reminders continue to drive me closer to my passion of be a full-time minister on the ground in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Galveston Island Post Hurricane Ike

After having lunch with my dad today, I decided to driving into Galveston Island, this is the Island they closed and would not let people back on it for a over a week after the storm. I hadn't been to the island after Hurricane Ike made landfall back in Sept. I really didn't know what to expect.

As I neared the Causeway, the frequency of blue tarp roofs grow until sides of whole homes where gone. I crossed over the Causeway and what I saw was in some ways better than I expected but then a lot worse. I sometimes forget that just three months ago hurricane Ike unleashed it fury on southeast Texas because the recovery effort is mostly done in Houston. However, the coastal area is another story.

Crossing over the Causeway, the first thing I set my eyes on was a marine that was completely destroyed. I exited the freeway and made my way down 61st. I looked to my right and boats were sitting on land, leaning against homes and businesses. I immediately looked to my right across the small lake to see if my uncle and aunt's old home was still there. Many memories of spending the nights playing hide n' seek in the dark and bead wars with my cousins took place in that home. I was able to spot it but a large portion of the wall was missing. You could literally see through many of the neighboring homes because the tidal surge ripped apart the walls.

I came to the Seawall and turned right to make my way to my uncle and aunt's pier. However, as I made my turn, I noticed the 61st Street Pier was gone. Nothing was left of it, but then I say my uncle and aunt's pier, Galveston Fishing Pier. They had sold it earlier this year to retire. Their had weather many other hurricanes, including those that were more powerful than Ike, but the pier didn't fair well during the storm. The pictures I posted are of what is left of the Pier.

Years of perfecting the art of building sand castles and playing on the beach where my next thought and I quickly got back in my car to go to our childhood beach hangout. I drove toward the West End, the only part of the Island that isn't protected by the Seawall. The closer I got the worse the destruction was and most of everything was unrecognizable. I was trying to remember where to turn but street signs were gone and the homes that I remembered where no longer there. After bypasses my turn and coming back to the beach my cousins and I spent almost every summer at during our childhood, I couldn't believe it. The area was mostly gone. There used to be 8 rows of beach homes but only 3 rows stood. Those that survived the storm only a handful were livable and the row closest to the beach and most of the second row stood in the water... and it was low tide. I couldn't believe it. 50 yards of beach, another 50 yards of dunes, and 5 rows of homes were gone! Hurricane Ike had removed them and reformed the beach.

The destructive ability of Ike was amazing. Frightening, I have not seen the worst hit places yet. Towns just 30 miles east of Galveston no longer exist. They were literally reduced to piles of rumble. My heart and prays goes out to the people affect by Ike.

If you would like do something to help with the recover effort in Southeast Texas, I encourage you to look at this organization, They are an amazing faith based relief organization that was on seen within 12 hours of Ike making landfall and are still assisting the residents.