Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What is your legacy?

What legacy are you leaving behind?

As 2009 closes in, introspection is reigning in many people thoughts. For me this year has been a year of shaking, a control shaking by God nevertheless. The shaking in my life began in the Fall of 2008 and continues until today. Most of 2008 I lived in uncertainty, but through this whole time it has been a time of learning.

My lessons learned for 2008 and still learning

  • Trust more in God and rely on Him fully

  • Completely immense myself in my Relationship with God

  • Humility in every aspect of my life

One thing that kept me going throughout the year were my friends from Texas State. My old university. Every chance I would get I would visit with them because it reminded me of the sacrifices I made throughout those years and the legacy that was left behind. University was four years of uncertainty of not knowing if the work that I did with Every Nation Campus Ministry would take root and have a lasting effect. Now I go back and I see a thriving campus ministry that is student driven under the leadership of a great campus minister, Peter Dusan. Those reminders continue to drive me closer to my passion of be a full-time minister on the ground in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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