Thursday, January 22, 2009

Albemarle, North Carolina

Lack of sleep, snow in Raleigh, NC, canceled flight, airport massage, rebooked flight, and rebooked-rebooked flight all make for an adventrous trip to Albemarle, NC. For those you that don't know where that is... well I really don't know either but I'm here.

Last year, my friend Jordan - the youth pastor of Harvest Church, began asking me to come and speak to her youth group. Initially, I refused but after a few months of her asking I said yes. I booked the flight and began preparing for my time out here.

I've been here just three days but it has been a great time. Last night, I spoke briefly with her youth about character and integrity and then tranisition into some time of prayer and encouragement. Over the next hour, I was able to edify each of the 11 youth that showed and minister to them. It was truly a divine moment that only God could have orchastrated.

Its going to be interesting on what God is going to orchastrate this next few days...


  1. That awesome!! Just spoke with Stacey this morning and she mentioned that you were able to meet up for coffee. Keep being used by God! He is amazing!!

  2. Steph!!! Thanks. It was good seeing Stacey... a little odd since this is the first time I saw here on this side of the Atlantic.